Monday, January 11, 2010

Allie's 6 Month Photo Shoot - I Need Your Help!!

I can hardly believe my baby is 6 months old. She is getting her personality and is much more interactive and fun. My friend Kassandra Namba came an took her pictures for me. You might remember me mentioning Kassandra, she took our family pictures the end of the summer. She does great work and comes right to your house to take the photos. It is so much more relaxing and enjoyable then going to a studio.  She is also very reasonably priced!!!! So this is what I need from you: If you will go to the following link Allie's Photo Shoot check out the other photos from Allie's photo shoot and leave a comment you can help me earn a free 8x10.  I need 15 comments! Thanks!!!

Allie also had her 6 month check up last week. Here are her stats and a little bit about her development:

Weight: 16 pound 2.5 ounces 55 percentile
Height: 26 1/4 inch 75 percentile
She rolled over for the first time on New Year's Day and she pulled her knees under her on Christmas day.  While on her belly Allie usually moves in a circle or backwards.  She sleeps for an average of 11 1/2-12 hours straight each night and usually takes one 2-3 hour nap in the early afternoon.  We have started solids but only rice and oatmeal.  Allie is a happy baby who only cries when she is hungry or tired. She is sitting up but needs to be spotted because she easily looses her balance. She is babbling and blowing raspberries and is fascinated with her hands but her absolute favorite thing to do and watch her big sisters and brother play. She has started a new habit of growling at me while she is nursing.  She use to be such a quiet eater and now it is almost embarrassing. Allie is a joy and I am looking forward to enjoying every new moment in her life.

Thanks again for helping me earn a free 8x10!

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  1. Comment left. I was #13. WOO HOO! Only 2 more and you get that free 8 x 10. Allie is so stinkin' cute!