Monday, May 24, 2010

Just get out and take some pictures!

On this beautiful rainy day I thought I would post a few pictures I took last week during a rare moment of sunshine!  I received a slr camera for my anniversary about 6 months ago and I am loving it! The only down side is that I don't feel overly confident in my skills to really utilize the capabilities of this amazing camera.  So this July I am taking a photography class from an amazing photographer here in the valley.  I am so excited!!!  Until then, I was reading on a couple of photography websites and the same advice keeps popping up. "GET OUT AND TAKE SOME PICTURES!" So with the sun shinning I did just that!

I love that the background of this picture is not in focus. I think I know how I did that! ;)

This beautiful model never gets tired of me taking her picture. Thank goodness!

This is for all you animal lovers out there. 
Cooper and Allie are not talking!

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