Saturday, October 9, 2010

After a discussion with my sister, she came to the conclusion that I needed a new pet.  I contemplated her advice carefully and after much research found the perfect new pet for our family! I quickly ordered and waited 14 agonizing days for its arrival.  I purchased a Cuttlebug!!! It is a die cutter and embossing machine.  I mainly wanted it for its dry embossing capabilities.

My new toy has been a huge hit among the rest of the family. The kids didn't have school on Tuesday and played with it most of the day.  My once full drawer of scraps is now practically empty. Mikele has already requested that when I get old that she will get my Cuttlebug.  (I never thought my kids would start diving up my stuff while I was still so young!) Wednesday was the first time I got to even play with it and it was only because Mikele and Brock were back in school and only if I was quick and took turns with Kassie. I even got in trouble with her because I didn't put the plates back were she had them.

 I made this card for my ward's card swap group.  Our theme is Halloween or Thanksgiving.  I stamped the front using my two new favorite Halloween stamp sets; Fright Night and Spellbound.  I just LOVE the tree from the Spellbound stamp set!


  1. I think I might need the same pet. Could you please breed yours for me?

  2. Don't feel too badly... My kids are already putting dibs on my stuff too. In fact, just today Brayden told me that when I "pass away" he wants my bear cookie jar, then Savannah started fighting with him saying that she was going to get it. Kids!