Sunday, December 5, 2010

Family Photo Shoot

My sister-in-law needed a recent family photo. We don't have a single picture with only our family in it since we had our family photos taken last fall. (that would be over a year ago) So I decided we would have a little impromptu photo shoot in our family room. Well Brock, Mikele, Kassie and even Jason were cooperative. Allie on the other hand had her own ideas of how this would work. The kids were sitting along the wall waiting for everyone and she decided that would also be where she was sitting for the pictures. Of course that didn't work very well because she is the smallest and needed to be in the front.

So we tried to get her to want to sit on Jason's lap by making her jealous of Kassie.

Ya, she didn't care.

Then Allie would go play with her toys or wander around the room until she heard the timer beeping on the camera. Then she would come running over and find her spot.  After the picture was taken she would get up and go check out the picture on the back of the camera with me and then we would start the whole thing all over again.

Luckily we did end up with a cute photo of the whole group looking at the camera and almost everyone is smiling.  My Mom always says that family pictures must be really important or they wouldn't be near as hard to pull off.  I totally agree!


  1. What a cute little family! Nicole, you are truly a gem. I love ya!

  2. You pulled it off, it looks great!