Friday, January 20, 2012

Family Life 52 Week Project: Week 3

I have been really enjoying my Family Life 52 Week Project. The kids were out of school on Monday and I took the opportunity to take some pictures of my oldest daughter in her new vest.  She found the best a few weeks ago while we were out shopping. She really didn't need it and frankly I had spent a lot of money on her in the last month with her birthday, Christmas and baptism so I told her if she really wanted it she would have to earn it by cleaning out the dishwasher and doing all of dinner dishes for a week to earn it. She enthusiastically agreed.  I need to find something else she wants so she will keep doing the dishes. ;)  Anyways she finally earned the vest so I thought perfect opportunity to take her picture. 

I posted week 1 and week 2 on my family blog. Also, I posted some additional photos for week 3 there as well.


  1. She has the most beautiful eyes!! Great job, Nicole! Always love your photographs. :)

  2. GORGEOUS photos. GORGEOUS girl. Cute vest. Tricky mom!