Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Kassie!

My sweet little girl Kassie turned 3 yesterday. Actually if you asked her she turned 5 but who is really keeping track? We had such a fun day decorating her castle cake, a bonus birthday party at our friends Kim & Grants' house, presents, special lunch with Dad at McDonald's and Kraft Mac and Cheese. Yep that is right we had boxed macaroni and cheese for dinner. It is a tradition to let the kids pick what they would like for dinner and every year she chooses boxed macaroni and cheese (I offered to make homemade but she turned me down). To see more pictures and hear more about our fun filled day visit my family blog.

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  1. We do the birthday dinner thing too. One day, when he was much younger, my son Dawson chose french toast AND macaroni and cheese. Hilarious!