Thursday, June 24, 2010

Flower Headbands

Last weekend my family and I attended Summerfest in Logan, Utah.  It is a outdoor art fair.  Artists from all over display and sale their paintings, jewelry, pottery, quilts, metal lawn art ect. 

My oldest daughter really liked the cute metal headbands with the big flowers that one booth was selling for $10 a piece.  Well being the resourceful craft mother that I am (I have to be I have 4 kids 3 of which are daughters) I explained to Mikele that we could just make our own.  So after we left the show we hopped on over to Hobby Lobby to pick up our supplies.  I found the package of 3 metal headbands for 50% off (Yippee) and then I picked up a box of multicolor and sized flowers (you don't want the paper ones or they would get ruined if they ever got wet. Look for the silk or fabric flowers).

At home I mixed and layered the different flowers to come up with a half dozen different combination's.  Well then I had a dilemma. I only had 3 headbands. The best solution was to make the flowers interchangeable.  Here is what I came up with. I ran a tiny elastic through the holes of a button and slid that onto the headband. Then I attached a circle Velcro piece to the button.  After assembling the flowers with either a cute designer brad through the center or hot gluing the layers together and attaching a button to the center I attached the other side of the Velcro circle to the back of the flowers.  Now I have a headband for each daughter and they can switch their flowers and adjust where the flower sits on their head.  I would recommend instead of the elastic to try tying the button on with some embroidery floss. I think it would be less likely to break and less brittle then the elastics.



  1. Graet article and pictures! Very lovely

    I posted a link to where you can get some great scrapbooking layouts

  2. You never cease to amaze. I just might have to try some of those!