Thursday, January 27, 2011

Allie - 18 month photoshoot

  Today we had a little photo shoot at my house.  I had to try out my new lens and take Allie's 18 month pictures.  As you can see from this first picture we got off to a rough start.

 This next batch of photos really capture Allie's personality and some of her many facial expressions.

This was Jason's favorite.  It is obvious how Allie felt at this point.

This one was probably my favorite.  I just think it is artistically pleasing.

This last one is your traditional wall photo.  I am kicking myself because this was a great full body shot but because of my cramped space where I was taking the pictures I totally cut off her foot. Big no no! Oh well it is a cute close up too.


  1. The third one of Allie is my fave!

  2. Love them all. What kind of a lense do you get. I am doing some upgrade on my camera equipment with that $$$$ I used to cash out on the cruise. So excited just wish the check would hurry up and get here. Great Job.