Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Family Photography in Cache Valley

Three times a week (ok I don't make it 3 times every week but I should) I get together with a fabulous group of women to exercise together while our kids play.  We talk parenting, nutrition, life, and whatever other random topic comes up as we are huffing and puffing.
  One of the amazing people I workout with asked me to take their family pictures.  We headed up the canyon and had a great time playing with leaves enjoying the perfect fall weather and capturing this family's playful spirits. Seriously when you check out the individual shots of these kids you will have to agree that they are adorable! That little man had the greatest personality and it showed all over his face. The cute little red head was a curious little lady who takes her ques from her little brother. Thanks for the opportunity to photograph your family T!
  It isn't too late to get your family photos. If you are in the Cache Valley area please contact me for your family, individual, senior or newborn photos.

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  1. The look on the little boy's face in his individual pic is priceless! Would you please quite exercising? It makes me look bad.