Friday, April 12, 2013

52 Week Photo Project - Week 15: The Car

  Have you ever owned a vehichle that you just loved to drive. I mean really loved. Like made excuses to go places just so you could drive it? Well that is how I felt about my Jeep Liberty.  Jason bought it for me as a graduation from college gift. Really we needed a new car and it was about the time I graduated from college.  I loved driving my jeep. It was zippy with plenty of get up and go. I could get into any parking spot with the awesome tight turning radius. I was up off the ground and not too big or too small. Just perfect.  Sadly though it did not fit 3 car seats and so the day arrived that I had to give up my baby for a baby.
  So what is your dream car? Or what do you drive now? I can't wait to see your posts. Add your link below or to the google+ community. Next week's theme is "sleeping."

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