Friday, February 4, 2011

Are You Ready to Join My Team? How about for FREE!

 When you join my team as a Close To My Heart Consultant during February and achieve both levels of Straight To The Top (First month and first three months), you will receive Straight To The Top rewards totaling $100 in select product credit, PLUS you'll receive a cash rebate of $129 on your New Consultant Kit. (Call or email me and I will share with you  what your Straight to the Top goals will be and how easy it is to reach both levels) It's free products and a free kit—a fabulous deal! There couldn't be a better time to join my team!
  What does your consultant kit include? You will receive your Business Essential (your business supplies including catalogs, order forms, hostess forms ect. see full list on page 128 of the new Spring/Summer 2011 idea book) and then you get to customize your Consultant kit by picking 3 of the following 5 collections.  You can purchase additional collections for just $40 each plus shipping and handling.

Choose me 2 - 12 month Studio J membership

Choose me 3 - Workshop on the go Mayberry kit and coordinating stamp pads, stamp sets and accessories

choose me 4 - Workshop on the go Lucky  kit and coordinating stamp pads, stamp sets and accessories

Choose me 5 - 2 types of albums, ink,  stamps and a block
Choose me 6 - 3 stamp sets, 2 ink pads and supplies to clean and maintain them.

  It is the perfect time to join my Close To My Heart team and start working for an amazing company doing something you already love!  Call or email me today and lets talk shop. 

Notes: If the new Consultant purchases extra Choose Me collections beyond the three that are included with their New Consultant Kit, they will not be reimbursed for those; the rebate is for the base amount which includes the Business Essentials and three Choose Me collections.

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