Thursday, February 17, 2011

Studio J: Tips & Tricks - Lets Talk About Layers

  Today for your Studio J tip I want to talk about layers.  Just like with traditional scrapbooking, Studio J layouts are created with layers.  On this layout I have layered a number of items.  Lets first talk about the water splash behind my journaling box. The water splash is a stickease that I positioned behind my journaling box. (the journaling has a vellum background with a honey colored photo mat) To do this I selected the water splash stickease (you will know it is selected because it will be outlined in blue) Next, I right click on my mouse and then select "move backwards" from the menu box that popped open.  You may have to do this a number of times until it moves behind the vellum.  Another option is to select the "move to back" option and then right click again and "move forward" until it shows back up.  Here is the trick to avoid frustration. Don't click off the object you have selected to move. Just keep right clicking and select which way you want the object to move (forward or backwards). If you un-select the object it is hard to reselect it with the items layered above it. There are two ways to reselect the object.  First, you can click the undo button to go back a step or you can select the objects on top of the one you are trying to select, right click and move them backwards until the object you are seeking is on top again.
  I layered a number of other items in this layout. Can you find them? The stickease that created the scallop on the right page are layered behind the photo mat, the borders on the ribbon are layered behind the buttons but on top of the ribbon and the stickease behind the date on the left hand page have been moved behind the date. I also added the wave stickeases and layered them behind the buttons and photo. If you have any questions or problems please feel free to call or email me.  I am your Studio J coach and would be happy to help.
   Do you recognize this paper packet? It is one of the exclusive to Studio J paper packets called Splash Zone. With each new idea book in addition to the 8 new reflections kits shown in the idea book a 9th new kit is exclusive to Studio J!
   Log on to Studio J and try playing with layers and check out the other exclusive to Studio J kits!

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