Thursday, February 24, 2011

Studio J: Tips & Tricks - Create Your Own Title

   For today's Studio J tips and tricks lets talk about titles. Sometimes the title space recommended for the layout is just not as big as I want it to be. This can easily be fixed by deleting the recommended title and adding my own title with the title tool under the text tab. This way I can size it to be as large or small as I want it to be. You can control the font, font color, background and placement of your title.

  Check out these last two layouts.  They look basically the same except for the Title. I used the quick title tool to create "Animal Kingdom" using the coordinating stickease.  The difference is the size of the title. Bigger is sometimes better! I like the interaction between the title and the focal picture on the bottom layout.  
  One last title tip. On many of the alphabet stickease you have options as to what letter you use. In this case I was able to choose whether the letter was cranberry red or indian corn blue. Your options could be about color or whether the letter is capital or lower case. Some sets have multiple options while other sets don't have any options.  To see your options and change the letters simply select your letter and pick from the options shown in the pop up menu box. 

  *One last reminder to you Studio J members.  There are only a few days left to take advantage of the February Perfect 10 Promotion! I hope you are able to spend your weekend scrapbooking and don't forget to submit your order by the end of the day Monday, February 28th. You can read all the details of the promotion here.  If you have any questions please feel free to call or email me.


  1. Fun layouts. You are making our summer vacation not come soon enough.

  2. Great tip! This is definitely one of my favorite things. I almost never use the title or journal box provided standard on the layout. I almost always size things to fit what I want with the photos and purposes I need. Great that we can, right? :)