Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Advanced Pro Class: The Power of You - Week 1

  I am at it again. I am taking another class from the amazing Brooke Snow. I love opportunities that allow me to stretch and grow. Ultimately, I am striving to give my clients a positive experience that reflects my personal style and results in images that they feel beautiful and confident in sharing and displaying. 
  For this week's assignment my fellow classmates and I are focusing on preparation. We were challenged to pick a new location that we had never shot at before, scout it out, prepare a detailed shot list and exhaust the location. This was a great assignment for me. I immediately had a location in mind. One of my daughters has been taking ballet and I love the building where her class is held. It has these amazing windows with lots of natural light. (see image above) It made for a perfect indoor location which for me are harder to come by. The weather the day of the session was suppose to be overcast with a significant chance of showers which made the indoor options even more ideal.
  I scouted out the location with the mindset of "exhausting the location"and came away with a long list of possible sites to take pictures both indoors and outdoors.  I was more excited about the indoor spots and planned on spending more time inside then out. The weather the day of the session was a photographer's dream. It was overcast but dry. I ended up spending far more time outside then in. Because of the clouds the inside locations had a lot less light then I was hoping and the outside locations were perfect. 
  My shot list was a great tool. It really kept the session moving and I felt we covered a lot more ground, shot in far more spots and have a much greater variety of poses then in previous sessions. With a plan already in mind I felt I was able to focus more on the experience of my client rather then coming up with poses and locations. 

I picked to share this photo because it was a spot that I noticed while I was leaving the location on the day of the scouting expedition. I glanced over my shoulder and down the sidewalk and thought "Oh I love that wall" and added it to my list of shooting spots.

This photo was just one of my favorites from the session. I love working with young adults. To see more photos from this session check out this post


  1. a beautiful young lady and beautiful photos! I love the colours...fantastic!

  2. Just beautiful photos, as always!

  3. totally understand why you wanted to use that window and wall! Great!

  4. I love window light. It's so pleasing. Well as I told you earlier today. These images rock. You have imspired me to find a window. TTYL dear friend