Friday, March 8, 2013

52 Week Photo Project - Week 10: Office

Everyone is healthy and we are all back up and running this week. (I even updated last week's post with a picture.) This week's theme is "The Office." I love my office (except for the floor). It is a room where I can meet with friends for monthly scrapbook classes, edit photos, work on the computer, do crafts, sew and basically any other project my heart desires.  I feel very fortunate to have such a great space for all my hobbies and when the room is a mess (like it usually is) I can just shut the door and no one else can see the disaster. 

What does your work space look like? You can add a link to your picture below or post your picture in the Google + community. To join the Google+ community you need a gmail account and you will need to request an invite.There is a category set up for each week. Just click on the week 6 category and then add your picture and comment to the thread. You can check out the entire year's calendar and read more about this project on this post. If you have any questions or problems give me a call or email me. (435.764.3598, Next week's theme is "Siblings."

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