Friday, March 15, 2013

52 Week Photo Project - Week 11: Siblings

  Each of my kids are so unique and different in personality. Despite their differences they are very close and the best of friends. Nothing makes me happier then to see them playing and laughing together. I am not saying we don't ever have fights (usually between Allie and one of the other 3) but they are not a frequent occurrence and usually short lived. With the older two kids in school all day, Kassie and Allie have become even better friends as they spend time together in the afternoon together. I love to see their bond getting stronger and hope that they will continue to be friends throughout their whole lives.
  How did you capture siblings? You can add a link to your picture below or post your picture in the Google + community. To join the Google+ community you need a gmail account and you will need to request an invite.There is a category set up for each week. Just click on the week 6 category and then add your picture and comment to the thread. You can check out the entire year's calendar and read more about this project on this post. If you have any questions or problems give me a call or email me. (435.764.3598, Next week's theme is "Something Green."

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