Friday, August 16, 2013

52 Week Photo Project - Week 33: Best Tan Line

This summer has been an awesome tanning season for everyone in my house except for they guy who wishes to remain anonymous! I can't believe how dark everyone including Kassie and I are. The tops of my feet are so dark that they look dirty. Allie's swim line is so dark that she looks like she is wearing a white swimsuit when she is in the tub. Mikele who is always dark did not disappoint and Brock and Kassie who are usually pretty white have impressive tans as well.  Last weekend we went to Bear Lake and the guy in the photo got his first real taste of the sun without his shirt on. He faithfully applied sunblock but apparently it was no match for the Bear Lake sun.  Needless to say it was PAINFUL! Thank goodness for lavender oil.

So lets see your impressive tan lines. Post on your blog and then add the link below. Next week's theme is "Clouds."