Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CTMH Studio J Tips and Tricks: Photo Editing

I have been busy scrapbooking with Studio J.  I just finished and ordered the layouts from my Denver trip last month.  I am excited to share the layouts with you over the next couple of weeks along with more handy tips and tricks. First of all I have to say the copy and past buttons along the top of your work space (right above the layout you are working on) have become my new best friends.  For the layout above I placed the stitching around one scallop and then just selected all the stitches while holding the shift key, copied and pasted them over all the other scallops.  How fast and easy is that?!

The second tip I would like to share with you today has to do with photo editing. I want to show you what I mean. First if you look at the photo to the right. It is my family with Jason's Nana.  She was celebrating her 100th birthday! Well if you click on the picture so that it is bigger you will notice a nice big glare right between my eyes in the photo. Do you see it? My cheeks are also sporting some nice white glare spots. Lovely hu. Now if you look back up at the Studio J layout you will notice that the glare is magically GONE! Go ahead and click on the picture of the layout and zoom in real close. It isn't there. How did I do that you ask? Well piece of cake with the photo editing tools in Studio J. I am a show me how kind of learner so I have another great tutorial to share with you.  Amy Ulen will show you all the ins and outs of photo editing in Studio J including how to remove that awful glare that was in my photo. Oh and in case you are wondering, yes I did whiten our teeth too. ;) Check out the tutorial and then skip on over to Studio J and try it out on your photos!


  1. I have been learning so much from Amy's videos. Don't you love them? GREAT layout. I love the stitching on the scallops!

  2. Love your layout, Nicole! The pennants on the top are fabulous! I've got to try this cut and paste stuff with the stitching. I added some to a layout I'm working on with the curly bracket shaped Title box in a Magic layout and it took For-ev-er. Worth it, mind you. But I think I'll try your way next time!

  3. Hey my friend. That is a great layout. Perfect for you photos of your Denver trip. Keep up the great work. Talk or text ya soon. HAHAH