Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Photography Class

  I have always loved photography and as a passionate scrapbooker who is dedicated to preserving her family's life, photography is definitely a talent that I would like to develop and see grow.  I am taking my second photography class from Brooke Snow a local photographer.  I wanted to share just a few of my latest and favorite photos.
  These first two photos are of my husband and son building my son's pine would derby car.  The pictures were taken as part of an assignment to capture the details of an event and also the conflict (Conflict is defined as something that requires effort, attention or work). I loved this assignment and I am so excited to scrapbook these pictures.

   This next picture was for an assignment on point of view. I often find myself taking pictures from the same perspective.  This photo is much more interesting because of the point of view I took the photo from.

  These next two photos are of one of my daughters.  She is wearing a dress I wore as a girl and my wedding shoes.

This last photo is one of my very favorite.  The assignment was about capturing the decisive moment.  I love the intense concentration of my husband and daughters faces and the pure love between a daughter and her dad.

  Thank you for letting me share my photos. I hope you found them inspiring!


  1. These are amazing, Nicole!! Thanks for sharing them. I need to get into a photography class and learn to use my new camera. Both you and Lynette just amaze me with the depth and detail in your pictures. So much more fun to scrapbook, too! :)

  2. Love all of the PHO-TOS, Miss PRO!