Friday, March 25, 2011

Studio J: Tips & Tricks - All In The Family

 Would you believe that the first layout is using the exact same paper packet as the second layout?  It is true, I promise!  All the paper on both layouts comes from the Take the Cake paper packet. This kit is exclusive to Studio J. One of the great tools that make scrapbooking with Studio J so fast and easy is that once you have selected your paper kit and layout, Studio J pops up 6 paper combination's to choose from. I love this step in the process because often times CTMH will put together a combination that I did not think of myself.  What is even better is that once I start adding pictures, if I don't like the combination I chose I can always change it by dragging and dropping the gorgeous full color background and texture paper, a monochromatic version of the background and texture paper or cardstock to switch it up.  The versatility that we all love about CTMH level 2 paper packets is the same whether we are scrapbooking on Studio J or scrapbooking traditionally.

  You can also add the background and texture paper (aka B&T paper) to your journal boxes and photo mats. Just drag and drop the paper of your choice to the photo mat or journaling box you want. Don't forget you also have the option to rotate paper.  This is especially handy with striped B&T paper. When you select the paper on your layout in the pop up menu there is a little rotate arrow. Just click and the paper will rotate 45 degrees.

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Attention Studio J Members: This is the last weekend in March! How are your Studio J layouts coming? Don't forget to get them submitted before the end of the month to take advantage of your free shipping (minimum of 4 layouts).


  1. GREAT layouts! I love 'em both! I feel inspired to do a similar post on my blog. That zoo layout is to die for!

  2. Love the way you switched up these papers! I kept thinking I don't have any birthdays yet to use this kit, but Zoo? I've got A LOT of those! Thanks for the inspiration, I love reading your tips!