Thursday, September 23, 2010

Straight From the Stock

Don't you feel good about using up supplies that you have been storing for way to long.  I always tell my workshop members that the great thing about how I run my workshops is that we become scrapbookers instead of scrap-collectors.  Even I have paper packets and products that I have bought with intentions to use and haven't yet.  Well as of yesterday there are 2 less level 1 kits in my drawers!  For some reason I had 2 of the level 1 kit Building Blocks.  I used both kits to finish duplicating these 4th of July layouts.  Yes I duplicate layouts so that each of my family members have their own albums. It wasn't such a crazy idea when I only had 1 child.

Level 1 kits are fast and easy to assemble and with a little bit of accessories including eyelets (Yes that is right eyelets! When was the last time you used an eyelet?) and stamping these layouts are cute, done and ready for the albums. Oh and for icing on the cake there is a little more room in my paper drawer.

You can shop online anytime for level 1 kits on my website.  Or if you would like to become a scrapbooker instead of a scrap-collector join my workshop group! Email or call me and I will share with you all the details.

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