Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Advanced Pro Class: The Power of You - Week 4

  For this week's assignment I was looking for inspiration outside the field of photography and then needed to build a session or image around that idea. I have to tell you that this was a tough assignment. I was feeling less than inspired. In fact, as of 6:00 pm Tuesday evening I had decided not to even submit a post for this week.  I had a scrapbook class coming at 6:30 and two kids leaving for Grandma's camp in the morning that needed help with their packing and absolutely no idea what to do for the photo session.
  I have been stewing over what inspires me. I came up with a short list of things including money, music and quotes or words of inspiration.  But finally I came to the conclusion that every decision that I make, the majority of my thoughts and actions, where I spend most of my time and how I live my life comes down to what is in the best interest of my family. I am constantly worrying, evaluating, tweaking and implementing ways to be a better mother to my children and wife for my husband. So what better subject to focus on this week then the people who inspire me the most. I want my children to by happy and full of life. I want them to find joy in themselves and in their family. I want them to grow up to be contributing members of our society that leave people better then they found them. I want all the things for them that they have done for me. 
  I have never been one that is very good at not completing a project, so to just not do an assignment was against my very nature. So at 6:05 with only 25 minutes before my class arrived and a vague concept in my mind I took 3 of my kids out into the field behind my home. I invited the kids to play ring around the rosies, tag and hide and seek. I snapped away with my trusty camera. 
  I posted a few more images from my last minute session here.


  1. I love this photo! It captures their personality and relationship perfectly!

  2. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. And so so true.

  3. What a happy photo! Congratulations on finding your inspiration!

  4. As always, Nicole, this is amazing!! I love to look at the world through your eyes -- it's always so inspiring and full of beauty!! :) Well done, my friend!

  5. Well as I told you last night I love your image (and your other images on the main page) Nothing better than family and making great memories together. You rock as always.