Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Adorable Little Nephew - Newborn photography

 This little guy is my new nephew! I had the opportunity to go take his picture at the hospital when he was just over 24 hours old.  He is one adorable hairy strong little monkey.  He could not be any sweeter if he tried. Congrats Calving and AnnMarie!!!  There are quite a few pictures but I just couldn't narrow it down any more. He is just too sweet.


  1. Ok, so I am in awe of your talent, Missy! Love the little wrinkly baby foot! And the one of their hands all together made me tear up. And look at that 24 hour old, hairy little monkey hold his head up when he's on his tummy! Strong little man. What wonderful photos, and a priceless gift to your family.

  2. GORGEOUS! I'm sure this little family is so grateful for you and the special way you documented this first day through photos.

  3. Beautiful photos, beautiful baby boy!