Thursday, June 6, 2013

Handsome Toddler {Utah CHildren Photographer}

Oh I had the most fabulous time photographing this charming little 2 year old! He was such a character and tease. I was constantly trying to catch those wiggly little toes and he thought it was SOOOO funny. We were both laughing all through the session. The key to a successful toddler session is to:
  • Pick a time for the session when your toddler is the happiest.
  • Show the toddler your camera and what it does. I like to take a picture of their mom and show them the picture on the camera. 
  • Be patient and make it fun so you can capture genuine expressions
  • Know when to be done. The toddler will let you know they are done and call it good. 

Here are a few more favorites from the session.

 I think this is one of my very favorites! He was so cute posing for me.

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