Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some Studio J Love

  Would you believe that I used a Halloween themed paper packet for this layout? It is true. The paper packet is called Boo and the colors of the packet were Pansy Purple, Autumn Terracotta, New England Ivy and Goldrush.  One of the biggest aw-ha moments that I brought home from Studio J bootcamp is how I look at the paper. I no longer look at the colors of the paper packet. I look at the patterns of the paper. If the pattern appeals to me and works with my pictures it is a winner because I can always change the color of the pattern paper to any of Close To My Heart's 60 exclusive colors! This makes the paper packets even that more versatile. Don't look at the Sophia paper packet and think "oh I love the polka-dots but the colors in this kit is too girly."  Just change the color of the paper. To change the color of the paper just drag and drop the B&T paper or cardstock of your choice onto your layout. Then click on the paper within your layout. The pop up menu box will have a color selection box. Click on it and you have access to all 60 of Close To My Heart's exclusive colors. Keep in mind that when you switch from a full color paper to a color of your choice it is making the paper monochromatic (Monochromatic colors are all the colors (tints, tones, and shades) of a single hue. The autumn terracotta, diamond b&t paper is monochromatic)
    Now here is the trick. The color of the letter stickease and star stickease from the Boo kit is Autumn Terracotta so I kept that as one of my colors in the completed layout. From there I picked 3 other colors that are not even in the original paper packet - grey wool, Indian Corn Blue and Outdoor Denim. Here are two other variations of the same layout created by my fellow Bootcamp Attendees, Karen Pedersen and Lynette Kankamp.

 What are you waiting for? Go check out Studio J and see what you can do with any of the over 70 paper packets we have to offer.

*Do you like that word puzzle on the layout that I MADE in Studio J? I teach a monthly, live online class were I teach you how to make things like that. If you would like more information please call or email me or leave a comment on this post.

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  1. I feel like a star having you post my layout on your blog. I'm sure Easton will be happy to know he is getting famous today a well. BTW, you're a star on my blog today too. Turn about is fair play!