Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring Flooding in Millville

This is my second blog post today. Be sure to check out the very cute cards in the previous post using the You and Me National Scrapbooking kit.

I have had a few people ask if we are being affected by Blacksmith Fork river flooding. Although the river is just at the end of my block (about 4 houses away) it is down hill from our home and we are high and dry. That said it is pretty impressive how much water is flowing down and over the banks of the river. I took a few pictures on Saturday and then again this morning.

 This first picture is from Saturday. Notice the white rocks at the bottom of the hill.

This picture is from today. No more rocks. Normally all the land that is now under water is dry.

These two pictures (above) are both from Saturday. The Cache County employee that has been cleaning out branches and logs that was hitting the bridge said that there is 7 times the normal water flow. They were working on the bridge when I went to take pictures so I don't have a today shot of the bridge.

 These last two pictures are from today. The river is suppose to be running along the tree line at the top of the photos but is pouring over the bank into a field. Thankfully it is filling up the fields that are adjacent to the river and not people's homes. Although I wonder if the people who live in these homes realize that they were buying lakeside property when then moved in?

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  1. YIKES! I'm so glad you're high and dry! I got your message and I'll be calling you tomorrow. THANK YOU for thinking of me. You da bomb!