Monday, July 25, 2011

Allie - 2 year Photo Session

  Can you believe my baby is already 2!  Oh and is she taking the terrible two's by storm. Even her older siblings think she is definitely in her terrible 2 stage.  Sunday evening I took all my kids up for a photo shoot.  I am getting ready for a back-to-school photo session campaign that I will be offering locally. (stay tuned for more details) I wanted to add some more samples of my work for potential clients and I really needed to take Allie's 2 year pictures. I came home frustrated and worried that I hadn't got any good shots and would have to retake the pictures but to my pleasant surprise and the relief of everyone else in my household, I had some keepers. Here are few more of my favorites of Allie.

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  1. STINKIN' cute...the child and the photos! You are rockin' that camera, my friend!