Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kassie's Turn

   You know how I said in my last post (with the pictures of Allie) that I was worried that I didn't have any good shots of my kids.  Well this first picture should be evidence enough to justify my concerns.  This is my Kassie in all her glory!!! She even asked me how she was suppose to smile. Why smile when you can pull that adorable crazy face?
  Below are a few of my favorites of Kassie from my photo session earlier this week that are a little less scary..

Why yes she is chewing on a blade a grass.  I did ask her if she wanted that in the picture and apparently the answer was yes please.


  1. Love this girl. Did I ever tell you a conversation we had while you guys were in Id? She was telling me when her bday was and I told her I could remember the day she was born. She got all excited and said, "That is why parents are SO awesome!! Cuz they remember stuff!!" haha. It was cute. Great pics!!

  2. STINKIN' cute child. It's a good thing her mother is such a great photographer. Capturing these little mischievous eyes and smile is priceless!