Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back To School 2011

And they're OFF! Yep School is officially here ready or not. I was heavy on the not but oh well. I sure love having my kids around during the summer. I love not having to deal with homework and  to be extremely honest I love having the help with the housework! That said I am excited for my kids to start a new year with new teachers, new friends, new experiences.

  Here is Brock sporting his all attitude t-shirt.  He informed me this year that he doesn't like shirts with collars.  I think that kids should dress up a little for school so it presented some challenges. I also don't normally buy shirts like the one he is wearing because I don't like the attitude but this one I thought was actually pretty funny and lets face it my kid has some "AMAZING AWESOMENESS!"

  Can you just smell the newness of these bright orange shoes? Calvin, by brother, would LOVE them! I will say that I do like the new cloths, new crayons, new shoes,  and new markers part of school.

   Mikele spent some serious time last night trying to decide what to wear on her first day of school.  I have to admit that I was the same way! She finally had Brock pick her outfit out for her. Brock said he picked an outfit that he thought would get the most attention from the boys. WHAT!! I totally smacked the kid. (in a totally non abusive way!)
  Anyways. I have to admit I didn't get much but what we did pick up mostly off the clearance rack is DANG CUTE!

 Mikele REALLY wanted laced shoes this year.

 Morgan (the neighbor) and Mikele - 2nd Grade and Brock 5th grade


  1. Love the fun post and the photos. You are so much fun!

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  3. YEA it worked. I am back to leaving comments. You should be scared.

  4. LOVE that last picture of them walking off to school.